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July 5, 2015, 19:52 EST
I have an excuse, I swear...
Posted by thealmightym

So you guys are likely wondering why I've gone missing (again). Sorry for not reporting in sooner. The past couple of months have been less than ideal for me.

My grandfather was diagnosed with cancer so I've spent a good portion of my time putting together the means to go visit him and other members of my family, a trip which finally begins this week.

This was followed by a car accident a few weeks ago (DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!). If you happened upon my tumblr recently, you probably saw my post talking about it and opening commissions to cover the cost of a new vehicle since mine was totalled. We've finally settled with the insurance company and acquired the new car. The sale will run until the 19th of this month with 20% off all my books in the WS store and discounted commissions.

Finally, this is all while I'm working on a piece for the Square City Comics anthology which will be coming to Kickstarter in the not so distant future. Keep an eye out for that!

I don't expect to be able to put out more Jikoshia till the anthology is over and I'm back from the trip. Look forward to more pages come August! I'll be tabling at Otakon at the end of this month so make sure to come by, say hi, and scold me for not letting you in on these things sooner. Thanks for sticking around!

April 27, 2015, 14:22 EST
Posted by thealmightym

Guh! Sorry for the delay again, guys! I ran out of thumbnailed pages and this scene has been tricky for me to get all the camera angles and such how I like them. Good new though! I've made a lot of progress on that front so pages will resume THIS SATURDAY, just in time for Free Comic Book Day!

Speaking of! If you're in the Towson area, you should stop by Legends Comics and say hi to me! I'll be there all day giving out free sketches and have books available for purchase! Mention you're a reader and I'll even give you a FREE minicomic! You heard me right. FREE sketches and FREE comics. See you all there!

February 14, 2015, 00:00 EST
Workin' Like a Dog
Posted by thealmightym

Hey gang. Sorry, no new page today. Been trying to crank out as many pages as I can for a couple other projects I'm working on at the same time and didn't get as far on Jikoshia as a I wanted to. I'm aiming to have the flats up Monday or Tuesday, so come back then!

In the meantime, did you guys know I got an instagram? I'm hip and cool now like all y'all youngins'! I've been posting WIPs and such there, so follow it and see what I'm up to!

Thanks for your patience guys! Treat yourselves to some discounted V-day chocolates on Sunday for me!

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